Functionality, aesthetics
and highest quality

Since our founding in 2020, we have only used certified cotton fabrics. We produce locally, under fair conditions and with the greatest care.

However, a panda also has to meet the complex requirements of everyday life. In addition to appearance, fit, comfort, functionality and durability play important roles.

  • 100% cotton, robustly manufactured
  • Individual bag configuration
  • GOTS certified zippers
  • Panda label made from recycled plastic waste
  • Panda cord made of 100% organic cotton in the elastic waistband for maximum flexibility and comfort
  • Sealed in rice paper
  • Climate-neutral shipping

Sustainably comfortable and good-looking

By processing high-quality raw materials and our patterns that have been continuously optimized over the past few years, we can offer the most comfortable and everyday trousers in the world, not only in terms of sustainability.

Our aim to produce your favorite trousers requires the careful processing of high-quality and skin-friendly materials. In addition, we rely on a high level of craftsmanship. The fabrics are always pre-washed, checked for quality, cut individually and then processed further. Only after a final quality assurance process will your Panda finally be sent for climate-neutral shipping.

Pandas live long lives

Always wash your Panda inside out at 30° and let it air dry. From now on, it develops its natural and timeless character through wearing and washing.

Panda editing director Ina in the studio in Schorndorf

PANDA PANTS | Natural cotton trousers – made by hand in Germany

Benedikt Burth
Produktdesign / Art Direction
Benjamin Scherer
Produktdesign / Tech
Ina Bühler
Schnitt Directrice / Head of Production