Panda Classics

A pair of trousers for all occasions. Made from organic cotton
with elastic waistband at hips and ankles.

Handcrafted in Germany.

159 €

Color »Black«


Color »Brown«


01/2022 – Newly made of 33 g/m² stronger cotton fabric and with more stable zips.

Certified organic and fair trade cotton fabric [GOTS, 240g].

Comfortable on the skin and robust.

Elastic cuffs on the hips and ankles for the perfect fit.

A fixed cotton cord in the waistband guarantees maximum flexibility.

Two closable, seamlessly integrated side pockets and one back pocket.

GOTS-certified zippers – reinforced with multiple seams at both ends.

Handmade in Germany – available in 2 timeless colors.

The color »Sand« shown above is from 2021.